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Real german OVNI owners.

Preparing for 2021

This spring we are preparing for the second season during the global pandemic. We have reworked the underwatership and all thru-hull fittings in winter and aim to go in the water in May - fingers crossed. We are planning to sail to Norway again this summer, but if we learned anything from last year it is that plans can be short lived in these times.

We wish everyone a successful sailing season 2021.

Pictures from spring 2018

On 10 May we started the first longer tour of this year. First port was Horumersiel, the next day we headed for Helgoland. At 25°C and easterly winds we had a smooth ride. On Monday the 14th we headed out again for the 50-something nautical miles to Norderney. The journey home via Langeoog, Spikeroog and Wangerooge was also very pleasant and we had some very nice days on the east frisian islands.

We’ll be back in July for our annual summer tour - let’s see where the wind blows us this time.

Pictures from summer 2017